hi! i'm roxana.  i am an aries/taurus. i can't pick just one favorite color.  i can't pick just one favorite song.  i enjoy creating things; whether its painting, sewing, cooking, making jewelry, and gardening amongst many others.  i will try just about any new craft at least once and not always succeed but that's ok.  becoming a mother has been so far one of the most amazing and difficult experiences of my life, it is constantly a learning process and i wouldn't change it for anything.  

 these are my two little girls:

on the left (and below) is kamilah (pronounce Kah-mee-lah) she is 3, she is an aquarius. her favorite color is purple. her favorite animal is a dinosaur. her favorite song is 'video killed the radio star'.  she is very opinionated, she is silly, an amazing artist, witty and melts my heart when she tells me i make her "heart feel super happy".

on the right (and below) is xamara (pronounced Sah-mah-rah) she is 20 months old, she is a virgo. her favorite color is green. her favorite animal is a monkey. her favorite song is 'happy birthday to you, mama'.  she is very determined, kind, loving, loves to dance and sing and she will melts my heart when she tells me she loves me.

i also have two step daughters Diedra and Marley, they are 18 and 20 one in college and one almost done with high school! it's crazy and fun to have these two young women in my life. they are kind, smart, loving and very generous with their babysitting. we are all one big brady bunch family. 



all of us being goofy:

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